IT Asset Management

Make better decisions with real-time inventory and powerful reporting capabilities.

IT Asset Management

Hardware/software inventory

Collect essential ITAM data including hardware and software inventory, and network and operating system information. Extend inventory data with custom fields. Screenshot >

Reports and proof-of-compliance

Choose from pre-set report templates or create custom reports. RemoteKill® and disk encryption event logs support adherence to privacy regulation and provide crucial proof of compliance to auditors.

RiskSense™ alerts

RiskSense monitoring identifies usage patterns that may indicate impending asset theft of security lapses, such as nonreporting devices, idle equipment, and unauthorized user changes. Investigate and resolve potential asset compromises before they happen.

Data APIs

Feed EXO5 data to your helpdesk, CRM, ERP, and other enterprise applications with EXO5 data APIs. Eliminate double-entry and deliver accurate ITAM data throughout your organization.


Five essential features, all in one service. Subscriptions as low as $499/year.

Whether you manage 100 or 100,000 devices, EXO5 gives you total flexibility and control. Pay only for what you need and drive down costs with multi-year subscriptions.

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